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Yes...I think I can just sneak this little review in before the next ep. Two more days to go.....

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I really loved it. Story telling at it's best, in my opinion. It really did fly by.

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Another enjoyable ep.

Just in time to get this in before tomorrow's ep. Where the hell's the week gone!!! Haven't had time for a re-watch so..a bit of a re-cap of my favourite bits.
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So... a change of pace from the previous "Plucky's" and a lot harder to collect my thoughts and what-not. Good thing it's another hellatus then.... I've had to re-watch it more than a few times.

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I don't feel the need to say much about this ep...it was great. Loved every minute.

So...my 30 second recap...of the best bits.

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Yep...I suppose with a title like that it was never going to be a warm and fuzzy episode.

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Another great ep. I'm loving this Season.

I see new writer Robbie Thompson was the one giving us this little gem. Slash fiction being his other one. This guy's certainly earning his crust. I hope they keep him around. Mesmerising from start to finish.

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The Hellatus is over!

Brief mention of next week ep at the end of the review.

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A new Spn ep tomorrow. Yay!

While we're waiting I just had to write a little something about Crowley. So...what's going on inside his head? I think it's safe to say he really doesn't like Dick! (No snickering at the back!) :D

Title: The Silver Lining
Characters: Crowley with mentions of Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas and Dick.
Rating: PG with Crowley's typical language.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 976
Spoilers: Up to 7x10
Summary: Crowley's feeling a bit down. After all, even the King of Hell doesn't like being rejected.

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Written by Andy Nabb and Daniel Loflin and as usual they gave us a episode that seemed to divide opinion.

But I thought it was fun.

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I'm really behind,  and I'm going to have write about the previous eps 2 to 5 when I have a re-watch, but for now...

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I'm a bit behind so playing  catch up.

What a great start to Season 7.
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