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My first thoughts on the Spn S6 finale.


Carry On My Wayward Son )


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I'll tell you a story
'bout Heaven and glory
And now my story's begun;
I'll tell you another
            Of Dean and his brother,
                         And now my story is done.

Taken from an old English nursery rhyme. I've changed the names and places to protect the innocent. :D
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Everything's being cranked up for these last few episodes. I would expect nothing less from this show.
We also know there's going to be a season seven and that means we can all rest easy with any cliff hanger the dastardly Kripke's going to leave us with.

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What's not to love in this ep?  It was awesome.

Caps used are by [livejournal.com profile] crystalchain 

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I thought this was a great return from the Hellatus. I loved it.

Really good fun with a lot going on in there.


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Gah! A bit late with this review. I've been sidetracked with writing a fic for the Spn_Cinema Challenge and that eats up time like a mother monster! So  I've decided  to have a bit of a recap plus the review in readiness for the new ep.

One week and one day to go...

It's a little bit shocking.... )
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Okay, a bit of a first this Season. My initial reaction after this episode was.. oh!

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For the second week running I've managed to download the ep on Saturday and watch before breakfast!
Excellent. Waiting any longer just about kills me!

Anyhoo - I know I'm being very boring  here because I say this every week...but I really adored this one.

I feel an itch coming on....... )
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After enduring what seemed like the longest wait in history......it's back!
And what an episode!

On the road again..... )
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I can't believe we're halfway through the season already!!!!

Another awesome episode...I loved it.

Disrupting the balance of the universe.... )
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I loved this episode.  It really moved the storyline along and  answered questions and posed a lot more. All these twists and turns are getting to be the hallmark of this season. I'm loving it.

The plot thickens..... )
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Where's the week gone! Been a bit slow to get my review done this week as I've experienced some kind of timeslip. But everything seems to be back to normal now.

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Enquiring minds need to know. :)

Spoilers for Spn Season 6

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So much happened in this ep. I hardly know where to start. This must be the episode with some of the best dialogue ever.

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I think two words sum up this ep and it’s…Bloody Hell!

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So for the first 5 mins  we get our very own Supernatural Twilight. Or I assume it was as I’ve never watched any of the movies. Although I did take a peek at The Vampire Diaries the other night just to prepare myself. :) Loved every minute. Of this ep I mean. :)

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This episode is a 'first' in a couple of ways.
  • Jensen directing...
  • And an ep which has hardly any Sam and Dean in it.
I don't know anything about directing but I knew Jensen would do a good job. I didn’t notice any difference in the quality of the episode but I reckon that’s how it should be.
The hardly any Sam and Dean is something else though,  and I’ll get to that later.So…on to the episode itself:

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Patience is a virtue so they say and this week I had to have bucket loads of it  but for some reason I enjoyed the waiting.  I’d seen the clips so I knew that we’d be getting some yummy Sam so it was like looking at presents under the Xmas tree, all that anticipation is  sooooo exciting.  And then …….

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