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Dear flisties, I hope Santa brings you all you wish for....and even if the ol' bugger doesn't, have a very Happy Christmas. I think you all deserve it.

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Had a lovely walk today in the woods. My feet got soaked and my hands were so cold I could hardly feel them....but I managedto get a few photos. These are my favourites.

More photos... )
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20120909_11471820120909_114735Ducksupside down lunch

Don't feed the ducks, a set on Flickr.

The time has come to post a few pics....taken with the new phone.

I've started off simply. A walk on the local moor.

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I've gone and bought myself a smartphone. Yes..I've moved into the 21st Century....but if you see any comments with mis-typongs and speklings you'll know why! The keyboard seems so small and my fingers huge lol

I'm getting there though.  Although I have to say if it wasn't for [livejournal.com profile] lap_of_the_gods I'd still be wondering how to turn it on....XD

I love the camera...get ready for piccies....

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Hey! Just a quick post to let everyone know that I haven't fallen totally off the grid.

I've not had the best time these last few months tbh, it's been a struggle, but I've been coming here to see what you guys have been up to. I see there's plenty of fics being written. That's what I love to see. XD Hopefully I'll get around to reading them soon.

Just watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics as I type this. And so it begins! Yay!

Haha...love it. James Bond and the Queen parachuting into the stadium. XD

Off to finish watching the show.

To anyone coming here for the Olympics...have a great time. :)


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