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Seems however hard I try I can’t leave Supernatural alone. Especially Sam. I feel I’ve gotten to know the guy inside out!

This fic has been written for a the Multi-Fandom Prompt Fest over at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi

I’m not sure I’d be totally happy for this scenario to play out in Season 8 but then again I could see something similar happening.

By Any Means Necessary )

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I'm the kind who has to struggle to get my writing mojo running...or any kind of mojo for that matter...

And you'd think as my internet connection has been on off, on off all week it would have given me more time to get stuck in. But no...that would have been far too sensible.

Anyhow,  according to this test I found on my travels.  I am....

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A new Spn ep tomorrow. Yay!

While we're waiting I just had to write a little something about Crowley. So...what's going on inside his head? I think it's safe to say he really doesn't like Dick! (No snickering at the back!) :D

Title: The Silver Lining
Characters: Crowley with mentions of Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas and Dick.
Rating: PG with Crowley's typical language.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 976
Spoilers: Up to 7x10
Summary: Crowley's feeling a bit down. After all, even the King of Hell doesn't like being rejected.

Life and Death used to be so simple. )
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This fic has been written for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema  Challenge based on the movie Blade Runner which in turn was inspired by the short story Do Androids Sleep of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick. I've taken quite a few liberties with pretty much everything, the biggest one being the time period.

The movie was set in 2019, which is far too present-day considering the author was envisioning a time when humanity was much more technologically advanced, so shifting the year forward more than a hundred years made sense.


Dean and Sam are still brothers though. Some things should never be changed.


I see so much of Dean in the main character Rick Deckard...and like the movie, it's from his POV.

Title: Tears in the Rain
Movie Prompt: Blade Runner
Pairing: Gen
Rating: R for Adult language and a smattering of violence.
Word Count: c12,200
Summary: Los Angeles 2159. Dangerous androids have escaped to Earth, Sam's missing,  Dean has the mother of all hangovers...again, and it's raining. Can it get any worse?
Warnings: Mention of Dean/Lisa, Sam/Jess.
: Many thanks to my Beta [livejournal.com profile] lap_of_the_gods :)

Chapter one )


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