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Are 'geek' and 'nerd' now positive terms?

Er well I'd say so...

Interesting story here in the BBC magazine

I can remember when both terms was considered an insult...but I kind of love their origins.

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Just a heads up as to why I've not been doing my Spn reviews these last few eps.

I still enjoy the show but I've lost my enthusiasm and I need a break from it as it's really got me down.

When it comes down to a fandom becoming a problem and causing issues between a good friend and me, then something has to give. And as much as I've loved the show over the last 3 years, I've no problem dumping it if that's what it takes to make things right. And making it right is what I want if it's not too late.

There's some great people in the Spn Comms but it's hard to avoid the crazy ones, the constant whiners and the more creepy ones. There's now a 4 month hiatus until the next Season and I want some peace not petitions, debates on whether Jared and Jensen are pining for each other or seeing abusive Tweets designed to demoralise the actors or their wives. Enough is enough. 

The few of you I follow who are involved with Spn I'll still be reading your journals as you've never given me any cause for concern but I just won't be watching or involving myself anywhere else.

There are loads of other places to go on here and have fun and that's what I intend to do. After all, that's what I came on here for, to make friends and have fun.

Peace and love :)

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I'm sure everyone's already seen them but hey! can never get enough of Jared.

Been trawling through my hundreds! of YT vids and came across these:

Matt and Jared doing the manly thing...aka arm porn.

How I love a bicep flexing contest! But it slids into a bit of a love-in between them and Sebastian. :D

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A nice little meme which took my fancy. :)

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